This major provides a strong background in the biological underpinnings of behavior and cognition. It is intended for students who plan to pursue a career in neuroscience or a related discipline. Students electing this major are exposed to basic courses in Biology and Psychology and to advanced courses in neuroscience and behavior. Majors must choose one of two areas of concentration. The behavior concentration places greater emphasis on behavioral and systems neuroscience, while the cellular concentration places greater emphasis on cellular and molecular neuroscience.

All majors engage in two semesters of research while taking the Senior Research Seminar. In the junior year, majors must begin developing a plan for the senior research project. There is a meeting for junior majors to begin this process.

To elect the major in Neuroscience and Behavior, a student must have earned an average grade of B- or better in BIOLOGY BC 1500, 1501, 1502 & 1503; an average grade of B- or better in CHEMISTRY BC 2001, 3328 & 3230; and a grade of B- or better in PSYCHOLOGY BC 1001.

As an alternative to the Neuroscience and Behavior major, students may pursue an interdisciplinary program by majoring in either Biology or Psychology and taking a minor in the other discipline.

There are no minors in Neuroscience & Behavior.

For a complete list of Neuroscience and Behavior courses please visit the Barnard Course Catalogue