Senior Thesis

Selecting a senior thesis topic

For many NAB majors, the senior thesis project is their most enjoyable and intellectually rewarding experience at Barnard. To make sure you have a similar experience, we can offer you several types of support:

  1. Attend the NAB program-planning meeting in the spring semester of your junior year. We will have an extended discussion about the process of selecting a mentor and thesis topic.
  2. Meet with the Director of the NAB program.
  3. Explore the research interests of Neuroscience faculty:
  4. Speak to your mentor and/or the Program Director to choose a lab in which to work and mentor from:
    • Look into the labs in the many institutions in New York City.
    • Contact mentors who have worked with Barnard College senior thesis students in the past
    • Learn about labs who have provided Neuroscience and Behavior students work or mentoring opportunities in the past. Contact them to see if there are openings at the present time.