Picture Of Prof. Luca Iemi

Luca Iemi

Term Assistant Professor


Neuroscience & Behavior


Prof. Luca Iemi joined the Department of Neuroscience and Behavior at Barnard College in 2022 as a term assistant professor. His expertise is in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, electrophysiology, and perceptual decision-making. His research seeks to understand how perception and behavior are influenced by spontaneous brain activity, with a particular focus on neural oscillations.

PhD, Berlin School of Mind and Brain & Charité-Universitätsmedizin, Germany

MSc, École Normale Supèrieure & Univerisité Pierre-et-Marie-Curie, France

MSc, University College London, UK

BSc, Università di Pisa, Italy

- Iemi, L., Chaumon, M., Crouzet, S. M., & Busch, N. A. (2017). Spontaneous Neural Oscillations Bias Perception by Modulating Baseline Excitability. Journal of Neuroscience, 37(4), 807–819. https://doi.org/10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1432-16.2016

- Iemi, L., Busch, N. A., Laudini, A., Haegens, S., Samaha, J., Villringer, A., & Nikulin, V. V. (2019). Multiple mechanisms link prestimulus neural oscillations to sensory responses. eLife, 8, e43620. https://doi.org/10.7554/eLife.43620

- Samaha, J., Iemi, L., Haegens, S., & Busch, N. A. (2020). Spontaneous Brain Oscillations and Perceptual Decision-Making. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 24(8), 639–653. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tics.2020.05.004

- Iemi, L., Gwilliams, L., Samaha, J., Auksztulewicz, R., Cycowicz, Y. M., King, J.-R., Nikulin, V. V., Thesen, T., Doyle, W., Devinsky, O., Schroeder, C. E., Melloni, L., & Haegens, S. (2022). Ongoing neural oscillations influence behavior and sensory representations by suppressing neuronal excitability. NeuroImage, 247, 118746. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.neuroimage.2021.118746