William Fifer

William Fifer

Adjunct Professor


Neuroscience & Behavior


Dr. Fifer's research interests focus on fetal and neonatal behavioral, physiological and central nervous system development. Current investigations in his laboratory include studies of fetal, newborn and premature infant neurobehavioral responses to environmental stimulation during sleep and the effects of prenatal exposures on later neurodevelopment. With local, national and international colleagues, his laboratory studies the effects of maternally mediated exposures on the developing fetus, early learning and memory, behavioral and cortical activity during environmental challenges, development of autonomic control during sleep, and assessment of risk for neurological disorders including sudden infant death, autism, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. With Dr. Michael Myers and members of his laboratory he is currently involved in large fetal/infant cohort studies New York City , in North and South Dakota , and in Cape Town, South Africa.